October 11, 2019 / By Armando Senra, head of Americas iShares.

We believe commission-free ETF trading will power adoption and solidify iShares market leadership

A decade from now, we’ll look back at this time as a pivotal moment for the business of financial advice.

The economics of investing changed after many leading U.S. brokerages eliminated fees on buying and selling exchange traded funds. Make no mistake: We believe ETF adoption will accelerate as a result.

Everyone wins in a world where investing is easier and more accessible. Commission-free trading is a huge tailwind for the ETF industry and is expected to grow the number of investors that use iShares ETFs to help reach their financial goals. Growth is just beginning. Despite the rapid pace of expansion in recent years, in the U.S., ETFs are still only 5% of equity and fixed income assets.1

Commission-free trading will help entrench ETFs as essential portfolio building blocks, enabling investors to better focus on the quality of funds instead of the upfront charges associated with buying them. The result is holistic portfolio construction that emphasizes the outcomes investors need to achieve their goals.

This is where iShares ETFs shine. We are well positioned to offer value and quality through a combination of sophisticated portfolio engineering, risk-management technology, tax-efficiency, and breadth of exposures.

The bottom line is that commission-free trading enables more people to save, invest and seek their long-term financial objectives using iShares ETFs within their investment portfolios.

Armando Senra
Head of iShares Americas at BlackRock
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