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Investment Strategies

Learn all the ways you can invest with iShares exchange traded funds (ETFs). Get started with long-term investment strategies for the foundation of your portfolio, or go further by tapping into timely events and long-term trends in the global market.

Choose Your Strategy

Think sustainable first

Access the exposures you want while investing in a sustainable future.

Learn how to invest sustainably

Sustainable investing doesn't have to be confusing.

Build for the Long Term

iShares Core ETFs provide investors with building blocks for reaching their long-term investment goals, whatever they may be.

Use our Core Builder tool

See how iShares Core ETFs can work together in a portfolio.

Diversify your bond portfolio with ETFs

Bond ETFs are transforming how investors big and small can access fixed income.

Balance your equity risk

Investment grade bond ETFs can help your portfolio weather stock market volatility.

Tap opportunities for higher income

High yield and emerging market bonds are just two ways that ETFs can help you pursue income.

Seek to earn more from your cash

You can earn more from investing in short-duration bond ETFs versus a bank account all while managing risk.

Build better bond ladders

Create scalable, diversified bond ladders with ease using iShares iBonds® ETFs.

Get active with factors

Take advantage of our deep research and analysis of historically-proven drivers of return with Factor ETFs.

Find Income, Target Your Goals

With the hunt for income becoming more challenging than ever, iShares ETFs open investors to a broad range of opportunities to seek yield.

Are Your Investments Seeing the Future?

Megatrends are long-term, transformative forces that can change the trajectory of the global economy by shifting the priorities of societies, driving innovation and redefining business models.

Tap into tomorrow's tech

Technology is driving exponential progress—far beyond the tech sector. See what this megatrend could mean for your investment strategy.

Target longer, healthier living

Longer lifespans and modern lifestyles will change medicine and consumer habits. See what these shifts could mean for your investments.

Investing in megacities?

Mass migration to cities will require new business models and infrastructure. How will you tap into this megatrend?

Invest in our future planet

Demand for a clean, green tomorrow will advance energy and conservation. See what these planetary projections could mean for your portfolio.

Harness an expanding world

Today’s emerging market economies are predicted to represent 6 out of the 7 largest economies by 2050.¹ See how you can access these economies' rapid growth in your portfolio.

Diversify Across the Globe

Target growth and seek diversification by investing beyond U.S. borders.

Break through the status quo

iShares is classifying companies and their sector exposures in a new way—looking at where they’re going rather than where they’ve been.