Take advantage of real-time expert portfolio management that seeks to navigate market volatility and outperform the market.



Seek outperformance

iShares active ETFs are managed by BlackRock Portfolio Managers who seek superior returns.


Convenience & access

iShares active ETFs provide many of the advantages of index ETFs — diversification, tax efficiency, intraday trading, without minimums.


Leader in ETFs & active management

iShares active ETFs are powered by the strength and scale of Blackrock — the world’s largest ETF provider and a global leader in active management.1

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Meet Rick Rieder, Chief Investment Officer of Global Fixed Income and Morningstar’s 2023 Outstanding Portfolio Manager2, one of the experts who could be managing your funds.

I'm up at 3:45 every morning. I want to know where all the markets are. I work out for an hour. Then the day really gets going. I'm Rick Rieder Chief Investment Officer of Global Fixed Income at Blackrock. So my job is investing money for clients trying to generate return using fixed income assets within portfolios. From being in this business for 35 years, you learn you got to be thoughtful. You got to innovate. You got to be different and then apply that to the experience you have and the research that you're doing. Education for me is literally the foundation of everything. I'm, chairman of the board of North Star Academy. And so we're 14 charter schools serving 6000 kids in the city of Newark.


We started an internship program to bring high school kids in to help them with not just understanding markets, the economy, finance, but also understanding how you interface in business. We're helping to change the future of thousands of underserved kids. It gives you a real boost to see the difference you can make. There's a lot to do in a day, so when you start to see what you can get done, I think it's safe to say that I won't look back and wish I had slept more.




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Whether you are seeking growth, income or reduce risk, iShares Active ETFs can help you achieve your financial goals.



Active ETFs are investment funds that are actively managed by professional portfolio managers. They trade on stock exchanges, providing investors with potential benefits of active management and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Active ETFs involve professional management aiming to either outperform the market or deliver a specific outcome. Passive ETFs seek to track the performance of a specific index.

Active ETFs offer the potential for outperformance through active management, allowing portfolio managers to adapt to market changes, capitalize on opportunities, and potentially achieve superior returns.

Active ETFs are managed by professional portfolio managers who actively select and adjust the fund's holdings in an effort to meet its investment objectives. This involves ongoing analysis and decision-making based on market conditions.

Risks may include market volatility, manager performance, and the impact of fees on returns. Investors should carefully consider these factors and assess their risk tolerance before investing in active ETFs.

ETFs have historically been associated with passive strategies, but regulatory changes in 2019 led to a proliferation of actively managed ETFs. Investors are using active ETFs to pursue  specific investment goals, including generating income, maximizing total return, and managing risk.