Seek to capture the innovation around you with megatrend exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

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Spotting growth trends is easy, picking the right companies is hard. We've identified five trends, or megatrends, that are changing the way we live and work. From tech breakthroughs like automation and blockchain to climate-focused innovation like electric vehicles and clean energy, iShares megatrend ETFs make it easy to invest in these trends.

While it took 25 years for the car to replace the horse and carriage, and 4 years for Facebook to reach 100 million Americans, it took less than 2 years for Disney+ to reach 100 million subscribers.


Innovation is happening faster than ever and as an investor, you don’t want to miss out.


Focus on one company you think will take off, and it might fizzle out. Seek to reduce risk through diversification with broad market indexes, and you might water down your convictions.

But there’s another way… BlackRock has identified 5 long-term forces, or MEGATRENDs expected to transform the way we live and work.


iShares Megatrend ETFs give you access to a basket of stocks poised to take advantage of these forces across sectors, industries, and countries.


So, what are these 5 Megatrends?


Technological Breakthrough, focused on innovative technologies – think 5G, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity

Demographics & Social Change, looking at medical breakthroughs in vaccines, genomics and immunology brought on by longer lifespans and modern lifestyles

Climate Change & Resource Scarcity, focused on clean energy, electric vehicles, and sustainability

Rapid Urbanization, focused on infrastructure projects across the globe

and Emerging Global Wealth, targeting the growing middle-class of consumers globally


Get your share of the future today with iShares Megatrend ETFs.


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Rapid advances in genomics and immunology, automation, blockchain and more are transforming the way we live and work. Explore our thematic ETFs lineup to see how you can tap into these trends.


Technology is driving exponential progress in the tech sector and beyond. Access innovative companies with long-term growth potential in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and more.


Medical breakthroughs are opening the door to longer, healthier living, and virtualization is changing the way we connect with each other. Invest in companies revolutionizing our lives.


Cities in the developed world are feeling their age. Cities in emerging markets are coming of age. Invest in companies poised to benefit from the need for infrastructure in the U.S. and across the globe.


Fifty percent of the world’s energy is predicted to come from solar and wind by 2050. As the demand for a greener tomorrow gains popularity, invest in companies that are making strides in clean power, electric vehicles and more.¹


Newly affluent consumers in emerging market economies are transforming global spending and emerging market countries are predicted to represent six out of the seven largest economies by 2050.² Invest in the global middle class shaping the future.

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Explore the thematic investment opportunities we've identified that the market may be underestimating.

Future industry

Global inflation and supply chain disruptions are accelerating the need for robotics, infrastructure development, automation, and the future of transport.

Future health

Post-COVID mRNA vaccines and precision medicine are unleashing a wave of groundbreaking therapeutics in genomics, immunology and neuroscience.

Future consumer

Millennials entered peak spending years amid the pandemic, and emerging market consumers now represent over 50% of global spending.3 These groups' preferences for decentralized finance and sustainable products may be set to surge.