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iShares® iBonds® ETFs:
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What are iBonds ETFs?

iBonds ETFs are a suite of bond funds that hold a diversified portfolio of bonds with similar maturity dates. iBonds ETFs have a final payout in their maturity year and have regular interest payments. iBonds ETFs combine the features of individual bonds, the tradability of stocks, and the diversification of funds.

iBonds ETFs are designed to:

Mature like a bond
iBonds ETFs payout their NAV in their maturity year1
Trade like a stock
iBonds ETFs can be bought and sold like a share of stock
Diversify like a fund
iBonds ETFs hold hundreds of bonds from different industries or states

What can iBonds ETFs do for you?

The unique features of iShares iBonds ETFs can help you more easily build bond ladders, pick points on the yield curve, or even match expected cash flow needs in the future.

  • Build bond ladders: iBonds ETFs make it is easy to create scalable bond ladders with only a few ETFs, rather than trading numerous bonds.
  • Pick points on the yield curve: iBonds ETFs offer diversified exposure to bonds that mature in the calendar year of the fund's name, allowing you to target specific points on the yield curve.
  • Match expected cash flows: iBonds ETFs offer a defined maturity date that can help you have cash on hand when an expense comes due.

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iShares iBonds ETF line up

iBonds ETFs are available in either investment grade corporate bond or municipal bond exposures.

2026 IBDR
2027 IBDS
2028 IBDT

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How do iBonds ETFs work?

  • 1. At time of purchase of the iBonds ETF

    When ready to purchase an iBonds ETF, we have tools to help investors understand the estimated net acquisition yield of the fund. The estimated net acquisition yield provides a yield estimate, net of fees and market price impact, if the fund is held to maturity.

    On each iBonds ETFs product page, the Estimated Net Acquisition Yield Calculator can provide a yield estimate if you enter a projected market price. This calculator is also built into the iBonds ETF Ladder Tool, which allows you to view multiple funds at once.

    Preview the Estimated Yield of an iBonds ETF

    Estimated net aquisition yield calculator

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  • 2. During the holding period of an iBonds ETF

    iBonds ETFs are designed to provide a yield-to-maturity profile comparable to that of the underlying bond portfolio. The funds seek to preserve an investor’s anticipated yield-to-maturity through a combination of monthly distributions and a final end-date distribution.1

    Anticipated investor YTM driven by monthly income distributions and end-date distributions

    Anticipated investor YTM driven by monthly income distributions and end-date distributions

  • 3. When the iBonds ETF matures

    iBonds ETFs terminate in March, September or December of the year in the fund’s name.

    In the final months when the bonds in the portfolio mature, the fund's holdings transition to cash and cash equivalents.

    After all the bonds in the portfolio mature, the ETF is closed and shareholders receive a final distribution equivalent to the fund NAV, after liabilities. This is a similar experience to the principal repayment of an individual bond at maturity.

    As the fund’s holdings mature, the ETF will transition to cash equivalents

    As the fund’s holdings mature, the ETF will transition to cash equivalents

    Since launching in 2010, six municipal and six corporate iBonds ETFs have successfully matured and liquidated. All twelve iBonds ETFs provided a total return experience that closely approximated holding a portfolio of individual bonds.

    Learn more with this iBonds ETF Maturity Case Study.