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Go deeper on ETF mechanics

Exchange traded funds have become increasingly popular with all types of investors. While these versatile vehicles come in many “models,” their underlying mechanics are essentially the same. Here’s a look at how they’re structured and trade in the markets.

How does the market price ETFs?

If you follow your investments closely, it’s important to understand the different prices and values listed for ETFs.

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Can ETFs help enhance liquidity?

It’s been said that liquidity is like oxygen: you only notice it when it’s gone. ETFs are generally liquid, and they can also play a role in restoring supply and demand in turbulent markets. However, there's no guarantee that an active market for shares of any ETF will develop or be maintained.

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Do ETFs add market volatility?

The belief that frequent trading of ETFs during a market downturn may trigger steeper losses is upside-down. In fact, ETF transparency may help curb market uncertainty.

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5 questions answered about bond ETFs

Bond ETFs, which trade on an exchange just like stock ETFs, have made it easier and less costly for investors to access virtually every sector of the bond markets.

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Can securities lending benefit my ETF portfolio?

For investors looking to potentially generate incremental yield, it's possible to both lend shares of ETFs and lend out the underlying securities of an ETF. Learn more about securities lending and ETFs.

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