Resources to help you invest sustainably

72% of the U.S. population is interested in sustainable investing1, yet many investors still find the space confusing. At BlackRock, we’re committed to making sustainable investing as simple as traditional investing. Use the resources below to go from understanding the space to building sustainable portfolios.

Get comfortable
Understand sustainable investing
Get engaged
Start the sustainable investing conversation
Get invested
Build sustainable portfolios

1. Get comfortable

Sustainable investing is on the rise but confusion remains. Use these resources to understand sustainable investing and to get a handle on the different terms.

What is sustainable investing?

Watch Sarah Kjellberg, Head of U.S. Sustainable ETFs at BlackRock, and Linda-Eling Lee, Head of ESG Research at MSCI, break down the terms.

Why index ETFs for sustainable investing?

Sustainable investing is becoming mainstream. Over the next decade BlackRock projects global sustainable ETFs to rise to over $400 billion from $25 billion today.2 Learn more about sustainable ETFs.

2. Get engaged

Sustainable investing is a potent topic for conversations. For advisors, these resources can help foster client engagement and build sustainable advisory practices. All investors can use them to learn more about investing sustainably.

Start the conversation
Designed to help financial advisors engage clients and understand their sustainability interests.
Read the conversation starter Read the conversation starter
101 investor guide
This investor guide answers four key questions to help get started with sustainable investing.
Download the brochure Download the brochure
Measure the impact
Dive into specific metrics and sustainability characteristics in the impact reports, available on each iShares Sustainable ETF's product page.
Explore an impact report Explore an impact report

3. Get invested

Sustainable investing is easier than ever with the rise of ESG indexes and ETFs that seek to track these indexes. Use these resources to start building sustainable portfolios.

Choose the right solution for you
Learn about BlackRock’s commitment to sustainable investing, and explore our sustainable product platform.
Download the guide Download the guide