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Bringing Clarity to Your Investments
Understanding risk and drivers of performance can be difficult.

The Factor Box provides a new lens for investing, coupling advances in data and technology with fundamental investment ideas.
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Meet the Factors

Stocks that are inexpensive
relative to fundamentals
Smaller, more nimble companies
Stocks on an upswing,
or trending stocks
Companies with healthy balance sheets
Stocks that pay higher dividends
Low volatility
Lower risk stocks

Evolution from Style Box to
Factor Box

It has been over 25 years since the development of the Morningstar Style Box*. During that time, advances in data and technology have transformed our lives, including investing. But are you still looking at your investment exposure the same way? It’s time for a new lens - the Factor Box.

Style Box to Factor Box timeline Style Box to Factor Box timeline

* The Morningstar style box is a nine-square grid that provides a graphical representation of the "investment style" of stocks and mutual funds as defined by market capitalization and value or growth orientation. 

Movies moved from black and white to color, showing the richness of the world in its true form. Shouldn’t the way we build portfolios and evaluate managers also evolve?
Andrew Ang