Learn how permanent changes are unlocking exponential growth opportunities.


From an industrial renaissance to medical breakthroughs and the rise of the new consumer, the market may be underestimating the opportunity for investors, created by permanent change.

An industrial renaissance

Permanent changes in the way goods are produced and transported are catalyzing a modern industrial renaissance. We look at trends in automation, infrastructure, self-driving and electric vehicles.

The upshot of medical breakthroughs

Healthcare has been transformed. mRNA vaccines and precision medicine are accelerating trends in genomics, immunology and neuroscience.

New consumers and the power of the purse

Millennials and the growth of emerging market consumers are revolutionizing spending and consumption. We focus on decentralized digital ecosystems and the future of food.


Tech gets physical again

Supply chain weakness and wage inflation require a reimagining of industry. While virtual technologies drove returns through the pandemic, innovation in physical tech is where solutions to production challenges are being built.


Robots are, in fact, our friends

Automation can help combat supply chain disruption.

From production to packaging, automation allows firms and employees to move faster and focus on high-value tasks. Robot sales had their strongest year ever in North America — up 28% from 2020.1 The future of industrial production means making robots our friends.

Infrastructure & AVs

The shortest distance between two points

Upgrading our transport systems to reduce bottlenecks.

Transit times and shipping costs have skyrocketed and been exacerbated by infrastructure underinvestment. The solution is upgrading critical infrastructure — ports and railways — plus improving transportation itself — via electric and autonomous vehicles. So you can receive that last-minute birthday gift on time.



The upshot of medical breakthroughs

Non-COVID mRNA vaccines and faster precision medicine approvals for cancer and neurological diseases could enable longer, healthier lives.


A real-life cheat code

Genomic sequencing: supercharging drug development.

mRNA vaccines have the potential to treat some of the world’s most deadly and prevalent diseases – including HIV, malaria and the flu. Drugs targeting these areas are in late-stage trials, with promising commercial viability on the horizon and better care for our loved ones right behind.

Precision medicine

Targeting the problem

A new and efficient way of blocking and tackling disease.

Gene and cell therapies can inhibit disease-causing genes and cure more than ten thousand illnesses. Today, 70% of Alzheimer’s cases are genetic, and only a handful of genes are responsible.2,3 The lessons of the pandemic may drive faster approvals, allowing precision medicine to be far more within reach than the market may have realized.4



The power of the purse

Millennials and emerging market consumers are now the drivers of consumption, representing over 50% of global spending.5 Their preferences for decentralized finance and sustainable products are surging. But the market is underestimating the impact of these consumers setting new standards by voting with their (virtual) wallets.


The decentralized ties that bind

Transforming the way consumers buy goods and services.

Blockchain tech is allowing independence and control of personal data while enabling financial inclusion for billions of unbanked consumers. Performance of many cryptocurrencies has surged since 2020, but the market has not appeared to price in the impact of blockchain adopters and enablers in transforming payments, contracts, and consumption.

The future of food

Where’s the beef?

Lab-to-table for a greener, healthier future.

Global food production failed to meet the nourishment needs of 811 million people in 2020, while still contributing 34% to global emissions.6,7 Consumer demand for plant-based and alternative proteins is on the rise and looks to continue as new food innovations emerge. The future of food is here. And it’s delicious.




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Harness the power of these potential growth opportunities.

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