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ETF Pre-Trade

The ETF market has evolved. Your trading process should evolve with it.

Estimate your trade costs
Analyze liquidity across many iShares ETFs and their underlying assets. Use the tool before executing a large trade to access BlackRock’s t-cost models and view liquidity metrics for the ETF and its underlying portfolio.
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ETF Pre-Trade Tool

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The benefits of ETF Pre-Trade

Cost models
Access BlackRock's proprietary trading cost models
Basket data
Compile underlying basket liquidity data in a single click
Due Diligence
Consider multiple trading strategies as part of your due diligence process
Generate reports with ease
Compare different ETFs and trade sizes
Liquidity metrics
View historical, intraday liquidity metrics
Many ETF Pre-Trade models are adapted from single-stock models that only consider on-exchange liquidity. By contrast, BlackRock’s analytics are built specifically for ETFs.
Ananth Madhavan

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Compatible with Chrome only