Institutions are increasingly turning to fixed income ETFs to navigate portfolio challenges.

Due in part to the difculty of sourcing individual bonds during pandemic-related market volatility, more than half (54%) of institutional investors increased their use of fixed income ETFs.1 Learn more about how your peers managed market volatility with fixed income ETFs in 2020 and their plans for the coming years in Institutional Investor's latest research report.

Listen to Larry Fink & Rick Rieder discuss the future of fixed income

At our flagship virtual conference, BlackRock fixed income portfolio construction and trade execution experts share their insights on 2020 events and outlook for fixed income markets going forward.

Drivers of efficiency

Amid the market turbulence in 2020, flagship fixed income ETFs provided deep liquidity, continuous price transparency, and lower transaction costs than were available in individual bonds. BlackRock believes that investing in technology will continue to be a major driver of efficiency, as proven in mid-March, cited as the most difficult trading weeks of the COVID crisis.

It was through the technology of ETFs, especially in the fixed income arena, that allowed markets to operate more efficiently and with more liquidity.

~Larry Fink
Founder, Chairman, and CEO of BlackRock

Portfolio construction expertise for today's evolving bond market

Ongoing changes in bond trading protocols and technology should continue to have profound implications for bond markets, investors, and portfolio construction. Request a consultation with the iShares Portfolio Consulting team to discuss how these changes may impact your portfolio.
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