Capture Factors with ETFs

Factor investing is a different way of approaching investments. It’s about being more deliberate around what investors own and more efficient in pursuing the outcomes they are seeking.
Andrew Ang


of institutions invest in factor-based strategies through ETFs or are considering doing so.1

Why Factor ETFs?

Factor ETFs harness the efficiencies of the ETF structure, revolutionizing how institutions access the historically rewarded styles of value, momentum, low size, quality, and minimum volatility.

How institutions use factor ETFs to solve for investing challenges

Applying factor insights to equity portfolios
Different combinations of active, index, and factor strategies can target different objectives.
Using factors alongside traditional beta exposure
See how different combinations of factors and market indexes would have performed through market cycles.
Managing risk in volatile markets
Use minimum volatility to potentially reduce equity market risk at the core of a portfolio construction.
Customizing factors in a portfolio
Examine total factor exposure with the iShares independent Portfolio Consulting team.

Factor Outlook

Sara Shores, Head of Investment Strategy for the Factor-Based Strategy Group, previews the most recent Factor Outlook views based on BlackRock’s proprietary factor tilting model.

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Factor Commentary

Access topical factor investing commentary from BlackRock’s Dr. Andrew Ang.

What is Factor Investing?

Dr. Andrew Ang, BlackRock's Head of Factor-Based Strategy Group, explains how factors work to better capture their potential for excess return and reduced risk, just as leading investors have done for decades.

Active tools, index pricing
iShares Factor ETFs offer cost-efficient exposure to sources of higher expected returns. Many iShares factor ETFs are benchmarked to indexes created by MSCI.
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Compare different ways to access value with ETFs.

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Compare different ways to access value with ETFs.

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