Many of our iShares sustainable ETFs seek to track an index with business involvement screens. Business involvement screens seek to remove exposure to controversial business activities that may pose risks or violate an investor’s preferences. Learn more about the specific screens below.


The definition for each screen.

Civilian firearmsAll companies classified as “Producer”. All companies classified as “Retailer” that earn 5% or more in revenue, or more than $20 million in revenue, from civilian firearms-related products.
Controversial weaponsAll companies with any tie to Controversial Weapons (cluster munitions, landmines, depleted uranium weapons, biological/chemical weapons, blinding lasers, non-detectable fragments and incendiary weapons), as defined by the methodology of the MSCI Ex-Controversial Weapons Indexes.
Oil sandsAll companies deriving greater than 5% revenue from oil sands extraction (either reported or estimated), which own oil sands reserves and disclose evidence of deriving revenue from oil sands extraction. Companies that derive revenue from non-extraction activities (e.g. exploration, surveying, processing, refining) or intra-company sales are not excluded. Additionally, companies that own oil sands reserves with no associated revenue are also not excluded.
Thermal coalAll companies deriving 5% or more revenue (either reported or estimated) from the mining of thermal coal (including lignite, bituminous, anthracite and steam coal) and its sale to external parties. It excludes: revenue from metallurgical coal; coal mined for internal power generation (e.g. in the case of vertically integrated power producers); intra-company sales of mined thermal coal; and revenue from coal trading. All companies deriving 5% or more revenue (either reported or estimated) from the thermal coal based power generation.
TobaccoAll companies classified as “Producer” or “Licensor." All companies classified as “Ownership by a Tobacco Company” or “Ownership of a Tobacco Company". All companies classified as “Distributor”, “Retailer”, and “Supplier” that earn 15% or more in revenue from tobacco-related products.