Many of our iShares sustainable ETFs seek to track an index with business involvement screens. Business involvement screens seek to remove exposure to controversial business activities that may pose risks or violate an investor’s preferences. Learn more about the specific screens below.


The definition for each screen.

Controversial weaponsAll companies with direct involvement or via an ownership stake of greater than or equal to 25% of companies involved in the core weapon system, or components/services of the core weapon system.
Small armsAll companies classified as “Producers” of civilian firearms, military and law enforcement small arms, key components of small arms and deriving annual revenue from retail of small arms.
TobaccoAll companies deriving revenue from tobacco sales, directly, or via an ownership stake of 25% or more of producers and greater than or equal to 10% revenue from tobacco-related products & services and retail.
Oil sands and shale energyAll companies deriving equal or more than 5% revenue from oil sands and shale energy extraction and/or production.
Thermal coalAll companies deriving equal to or more than 5% revenue from thermal coal production and thermal coal related power generation.
Fossil fuel reservesAll companies with specific fossil fuel reserves, as measured by S&P Trucost Limited (Trucost).

Please refer to the index methodology for more information.