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iShares Core ETFs

What are iShares Core ETFs?

iShares Core ETFs (exchange traded funds) are broad stock and bond index funds that are designed to be long term portfolio holdings. These ETFs are a low cost and tax-efficient way to help build a strong foundation for a portfolio

The iShares lineup of Core ETFs is designed to help investors create a diversified portfolio that meets investment goals.

Why iShares Core ETFs?

Low cost
Low cost
iShares Core ETFs cost about 1/10th as much as a typical mutual fund and can help build a strong foundation for a portfolio.¹
Quality check
iShares consistently delivers quality ETFs that clients globally rely on to invest for the future.²
With just two or three iShares Core ETFs, investors can easily build a broadly diversified portfolio across major asset classes.
Build your portfolio with the iShares Core Builder Tool
iShares Core ETFs can help you build a foundational investment portfolio comprised of broad stock and bond index funds. Start building toward investment goals with low cost, tax-efficient iShares Core ETFs.
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