iShares U.S. Equity ETFs

Anywhere you want to go in U.S. equity investing, we can take you there

iShares offers the full range of US equity ETFs, from broad market exposures to specific sectors. Use iShares equity ETFs for the foundation of your portfolio or to express a shorter term investment view.

  • Get broad market exposure

    Gain access to the entire market by accessing thousands of stocks with just one fund.

  • Give your portfolio a strong foundation

    iShares Core U.S. equity ETFs are easy, low cost ways to help you build a strong foundation for your portfolio.

  • Seek stock appreciation while gaining income

    iShares Dividend ETFs can help investors earn income while providing their portfolios long-term growth potential.

  • Target companies of a certain market cap size

    Invest in a full range of market-cap stocks, from the small-cap stocks of up-and-coming companies to the mega-cap stocks of large and mature firms.

  • Express a view on a specific sector

    With U.S. Sector ETFs, investors can express their investment views on various sectors of the U.S. economy such as healthcare, technology, energy and financials.


Dive deeper into international

What it will be: An interactive square where after a user clicks, the square turns into six squares (one for each sub-suite). When you hover over a sub-suite, you get a description. When you click on one of the sub-suites the squares change again to show the products.


What it is:

  • IVV
  • DGRO
  • IJR

Additional Resources

iShares Product List

iShares Product List

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The Dividend Growth Advantage

The Dividend Growth Advantage

At a time when volatility is high and yields are low, iShares dividend growth ETFs can help you seek to balance stability and growth.

How to Use ETFs

How to Use ETFs

The flexibility of iShares ETFs makes it easy to find funds that fit your personal investment goals.

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