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Pay less for performance using iShares ETFs

Lower fees and tax efficiency make iShares Core ETFs a low-cost way to build a long-term, diversified portfolio for the goals that matter most.

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) offer choice, flexibility and convenience — without sacrificing performance. In fact, iShares Core ETFs have outperformed more than 75% of their mutual fund peers on average over the past five years.1 One of the reasons is cost: actively managed funds tend to have higher fees and taxes, which could eat into returns, and make it even harder to beat the market. Lower fees and taxes can potentially save investors money over the long term.

Lower Fees: 1/10th the cost of a
typical mutual fund.2

Today’s investors face unique challenges. Longer lives mean longer retirements to fund, but as yields remain relatively low, future returns may be harder to find. In this environment, every dollar counts. The impact of fees compounds over time, so keeping expenses low can make a big difference on a portfolio’s long-term returns. iShares Core ETFs cost 90% less than a typical mutual fund. For information about the differences between ETFs and mutual funds, click here.

Lower taxes: ½ the average tax cost of the average mutual fund.3

ETFs are generally more tax efficient than mutual funds, but some ETF providers are particularly focused on reducing capital gains distributions — and taxes on those gains. iShares ETFs have half the average tax cost of the average mutual fund. What’s more, none of iShares equity Core ETFs has paid a capital gain in the past 15 years.4

Discerning investors are increasingly focusing on fees and after-tax returns of their investments. It often matters more what an investor keeps rather than what they make. So what does the core of your portfolio look like?

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iShares’ suite of Core Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) is designed to help you build a well-diversified foundation for your portfolio. Check out the iShares Core Builder tool for a customized portfolio of iShares ETFs, designed to fit your investing style.

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