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How your peers use ETFs

ETFs are the preferred index vehicle for 78% of institutions1. All institutions, from pension funds to hedge funds, share in the benefits of ETFs: flexibility, operational efficiency and low cost. ETFs are changing the way institutions build portfolios, fine-tune risk, and manage operational aspects of their portfolios. ETFs are employed in a growing number of portfolio functions, ranging from short-term and tactical to strategic.2

Top institutional uses of ETFs

Bar graph describing how institutional investors employ ETFs. Tactical adjustments 72%, Core allocation 68%, Rebalancing 60%, Portfolio completion 57%, International diversification 56%

Industry-leading tools and technology

BlackRock partners with institutions by providing tools and dedicated consulting to research, trade, and manage internal and outsourced portfolios.

Trade efficiently and achieve best execution with pre-trade analytics.
Evaluate the costs and potential benefits of ETFs, futures, and swaps.
Compare the factor exposures of active mutual funds and ETFs.

ETFs as Financial Instruments

A subset of ETFs has evolved to serve many functions for institutional investors. These utility players, known as Financial Instruments, are often used interchangeably with derivatives. Institutions use financial instrument ETFs in three main ways: risk transfer, market access, and multi-directional exposure.

Access ETFs Reports

Access insights to evaluate market trends and ETF activity across primary, secondary, options, and futures markets.

For insurance professionals

BlackRock offers a range of iShares ETFs with National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) designations to help insurance professionals.