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Find out why institutions around the world are turning to ETFs to solve investing challenges across asset classes.

New Greenwich Study: Active Strategies, Indexing and the Rise of ETFs

The results of the 2nd annual Greenwich Associates Global ETF Study point to continued growth as more institutions adopt ETFs for the first time, and existing users find new applications for the funds.

Key Findings*

  • Institutional flows into ETFs is expected to grow to $300B annually by 2020
    Total institutional fund flows into ETFs could increase as new institutions introduce these investment vehicles into their portfolios and existing users continue to increase allocations to ETFs.
  • Growth in ETF demand is part of a broad transformation in portfolio management
    Asset owners are turning to ETFs to help “optimize performance”, amidst an environment of low return expectations and low yields. Asset managers are seeking new sources of outperformance through multi-asset funds that may generate alpha through asset allocation.
  • Past impediments to institutional use are giving way
    Around the world, the number of institutions expressing concerns about ETF liquidity and expenses is falling. In fact, many institutions are introducing the funds into their portfolios specifically to enhance liquidity and reduce costs.

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