Much is changing in China and this has material implications for all investors, whether individuals or large, and or sophisticated institutional investors. The cost of ignoring this emerging opportunity might prove too high, especially over the longer term.

China: The Essentials

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Largest economy in the world1

Largest equity & bond markets globally2

Owned by foreign investors3

The China investment opportunity

As onshore equity and fixed income markets open up, investors have the chance to gain exposure to a broader range of companies and take advantage of the exciting opportunities that China offer.

Why BlackRock for China

To help discover the opportunities these changes provide, you need a trusted partner who is not only an expert on China but can apply their knowledge, expertise and judgment in creating portfolios that seek to deliver the best of Chinese markets to you.

BlackRock’s large and experienced team can provide you with a truly differentiated perspective on China and our breadth of solutions across active and index strategies give you a multitude of ways to access the market.

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