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Read our weekly commentary from BlackRock's top economists.

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    Taking the pulse: the final stretch

    We recently polled EMEA investors on their views for the remainder of 2021, including where they see opportunities, and their stance towards Chinese assets and sustainability.
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    Japan votes: our views on the equity market

    All eyes are on Japan after the general election, with PM Kishida’s Liberal Democratic Party holding an outright majority in the Diet. Discover our views on Japan.
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    The Fix

    Read our monthly report on flow & liquidity trends in fixed income ETFs.
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    Technology at the heart of the Circular Economy

    How technological advancement is catalyzing the development and implementation of the circular economy.
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    Germany votes: our views on Europe

    We take a tour through Europe, country by country, to analyse investment opportunities across the continent.
  • Implementation Guide

    Q4 2021 EMEA Outlook Implementation Guide

    Read more on our most recent market views, including implementation ideas.
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    European equities: Picking up the baton

    The global restart has broadened beyond the US and China, with Europe benefiting from a pickup in activity.
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    Hitting new highs: Q2 earnings recap

    Companies have cleared a high bar in the Q2 earnings season, with results coming in significantly ahead of consensus expectations, which were elevated after strong Q1 earnings releases.
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    Olympics: Japan in the spotlight

    As 2021’s summer of sport begins after a year’s delay, Japan is firmly in the global spotlight. Investor focus has also turned towards Japan, with several tailwinds emerging.
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    Small caps, size the opportunity

    Small cap exposures have been in focus this year as investors look to access the global economic restart. Explore our latest whitepaper about small caps.
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    Searching for opportunities in equities and fixed income

    As attention begins to turn to a world reshaped by the pandemic, we focus on potential beneficiaries in fixed income and equities. Explore our latest whitepapers.
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    Emerging markets: cross-asset selectivity

    Explore our latest whitepaper and discover our views on emerging market assets.
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    Sustainable indices: Built for all weather?

    Explore our latest whitepaper and discover our full views on sustainable indices.
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    A sea change in global investing

    Discover the four ways climate will impact all investors around the world with our latest article on integrating climate into portfolios with ETFs.
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    The case for commodities

    Explore our whitepaper and discover our latest views on commodities.
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    Getting positive on the UK

    Explore our latest paper and discover opportunities in UK equities, with implementation ideas across index and alpha products.
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    Balancing the barbell: Sectors and thematics

    We remain pro-risk and advocate a barbell approach to investing, via sector and thematic allocations.
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    2021: The year of value and cyclicals?

    Discover our full views on value and cyclicals.
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    Sustainable investing: Europe in focus

    Discover what 400 European portfolio builders told us about sustainable investing and the role of indexing.
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    Larry Fink's letter to CEOs

    BlackRock’s founder discusses the COVID economy, the ongoing shift to sustainable investing, and the importance of inclusive capitalism.
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    The outlook for income

    We highlight key risks and opportunities that we see in the income environment.
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    Every step counts

    Discover the benefits to investors after 50 years of index investing.
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    Building resilience

    We dive deeper into how investors can build portfolios that incorporate resilience at a granular level.
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    Sectors: part of the fabric of investing

    Discover how Sector ETFs can help you navigate volatile markets and extract alpha.
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    Sustainable mythbusting

    Getting the facts straight on sustainable index investing? Download our full guide now.
  • Around the world

    Around the world in 80 seconds

    Our weekly analysis of global market movements and investment trends.