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Read our weekly commentary from BlackRock's top economists.

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    Small caps, size the opportunity

    Small cap exposures have been in focus this year as investors look to access the global economic restart. Explore our latest whitepaper about small caps.
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    Midyear 2021 EMEA Implementation Guide

    Read more on our most recent market views, including implementation ideas.
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    Searching for opportunities in equities and fixed income

    As attention begins to turn to a world reshaped by the pandemic, we focus on potential beneficiaries in fixed income and equities. Explore our latest whitepapers.
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    The Fix

    Read our monthly report on flow & liquidity trends in fixed income ETFs.
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    Clearing a high bar: Q1 earnings recap

    Earnings have delivered against very high expectations for the Q1 reporting season, but market reaction has been muted, amid a broader focus on inflation and the possibility of central bank tapering.
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    Emerging markets: cross-asset selectivity

    Explore our latest whitepaper and discover our views on emerging market assets.
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    Value gets momentum, and Momentum gets value

    The current macro environment is supportive of the Value factor, with tailwinds including vaccine progress, large-scale fiscal stimulus, and rising rates and inflation expectations.
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    Sustainable indices: Built for all weather?

    Explore our latest whitepaper and discover our full views on sustainable indices.
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    A sea change in global investing

    Discover the four ways climate will impact all investors around the world with our latest article on integrating climate into portfolios with ETFs.
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    The case for commodities

    Explore our whitepaper and discover our latest views on commodities.
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    Balancing the barbell: Sectors and thematics

    We remain pro-risk and advocate a barbell approach to investing, via sector and thematic allocations.
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    Getting positive on the UK

    Explore our latest paper and discover opportunities in UK equities, with implementation ideas across index and alpha products.
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    Insight in focus: EM equity indices

    Discover the latest analysis on EM equity indices, from iShares by BlackRock.
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    2021: The year of value and cyclicals?

    Discover our full views on value and cyclicals.
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    Sustainable investing: Europe in focus

    Discover what 400 European portfolio builders told us about sustainable investing and the role of indexing.
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    The outlook for income

    We highlight key risks and opportunities that we see in the income environment.
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    Larry Fink's letter to CEOs

    BlackRock’s founder discusses the COVID economy, the ongoing shift to sustainable investing, and the importance of inclusive capitalism.
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    Every step counts

    Discover the benefits to investors after 50 years of index investing.
  • The end of the Brexit transition period

    The Post-Brexit trade deal

    UK assets have been unloved since the Brexit vote in 2016, but opportunities persist.
  • Implementation Guide

    2021 EMEA Implementation Guide

    Read more on our most recent market views, including implementation ideas.
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    Building resilience

    We dive deeper into how investors can build portfolios that incorporate resilience at a granular level.
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    Q3 earnings season

    Despite low expectations the Q3 reporting season have led to a high proportion of EPS beats.
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    Sectors: part of the fabric of investing

    Discover how Sector ETFs can help you navigate volatile markets and extract alpha.
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    Europe: more than a value play

    Opportunities persist within unloved European assets – but selectivity is key.
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    US election guide

    We explore the significant implications of the US election on the several key policy areas.
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    Q2 earnings season

    Earnings have contracted and the outlook looks uncertain. We identify some trends from Q2.
  • Back to school: Summer 2020’s key macro developments

    Back to school: Summer 2020’s key macro developments

    What drove positive market sentiment over the summer, and what does it mean heading into the autumn? We discuss our 5 key themes to track.
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    Sustainable mythbusting

    Getting the facts straight on sustainable index investing? Download our full guide now.
  • TBC

    US medical devices – why now?

    US medical devices have driven gains in the US healthcare sector this year as the global Covid-19 pandemic continues.
  • Gold

    Golden resilience rules

    Amid recent uncertainty, we see gold in demand for the short term as a source of portfolio resilience.
  • US

    Preparing for re-entry with US equities

    As investors look for re-entry points, opportunities exist on a strategic and tactical horizon in US equities.
  • Volatility

    To buy, or not to buy?

    We discuss growth opportunities amidst heightened market volatility.
  • Expanse

    Visualizing the expanse of the ETF universe

    In this infographic we explore the wide scope of assets covered by the ETF universe.
  • Sustainable

    Sustainable resilience amid market volatility

    Despite the market drawdown, investors remain committed to sustainable ETFs.
  • Opportunities

    Opportunities in UK assets

    Relative political stability in the UK is likely to result in a better 2020 economic outlook. Read more on the potential...
  • sustainable

    Countries with the most sustainable energy policies

    Sustainable energy policies are a goal for most countries, but which ones have made the most progress so far?
  • China

    Three trends to watch for the Chinese New Year

    We discuss three trends that could impact Chinese's investment landscape in 2020.
  • resilience

    Dig for resilience: the case for gold and silver

    We explore the case for why investors could consider gold and silver.
  • China

    Is China too big to ignore?

    Much is changing in China for investors and the cost of ignoring this emerging opportunity might prove too high.
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    Megatrends: Impact of climate change

    How is climate change and resource scarcity shaping the future of investing?
  • China

    China's evolving bond market

    China’s bond market ascent to second largest in the world was driven primarily by local investors.
  • urbanisation

    Megatrends: Impact of urbanisation

    See how rapid urbanisation could alter the investment landscape.
  • China

    Investing in China

    As China grew to become the world’s second largest economy after the US, foreign investors...
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    China is set to be a key turnaround story this year

    China is set to be a key turnaround story this year - after having been a drag on global growth since early 2018.
  • China

    Five myths about investing in China

    Some investors have been held back by views on China. Here are five myths about China and why the realities are often...
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    Is China being overlooked?

    Fear can be paralysing, and this may go some way to explain the reluctance of European investors...
  • Around the world

    Around the world in 80 seconds

    Our weekly analysis of global market movements and investment trends.