Capital at risk. All financial investments involve an element of risk. Therefore, the value of your investment and the income from it will vary and your initial investment amount cannot be guaranteed.


iShares ETFs

iShares ETFs cover a wide range of asset classes and markets and can be bought and sold via regulated stock exchanges just like individual shares, making them a useful building block for use within your investment portfolio. They can also be used as part of a tax wrapper such as an ISA, SIPP, GIA or offshore bond.

You can explore the full range of more than 240 iShares ETFs on our intuitive product finder tool, where you can find an overview of each fund as well as key facts, performance and all associated fees.

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Once you have chosen the ETF which suits your client’s needs there are a few ways you can buy them, as explained below:

Two ways to buy


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Authorised wrap platforms
Execution-only platforms



Direct Investment Platforms

iShares ETFs are available on the following direct investment platforms. Please click a logo to visit the website.


youinvest Alliancr Trust
Charles stanley direct Embark Platform
Halifax Hargreaves Lansdown
Selftrade Share Center
IG Willis Owen


A stockbroker is a professional who buys and sells securities such as ETFs on a stock exchange on behalf of clients. You can buy iShares ETFs through a stockbroker during daily trading hours. Please note that brokerage and other fees may apply.
The London Stock Exchange (LSE) has a tool to help you locate a stockbroker which you can access here.
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