Why we do what we do

Championing investor progress has been at the heart of the iShares mission from the beginning. Everything we do is about empowering investors so they can take control of their financial futures.

You would never settle for the status quo — that’s why iShares relentlessly pursues better ways to invest.

Capital at risk. The value of investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise and are not guaranteed. Investors may not get back the amount originally invested.

Progress in action

We’re committed to matching the ambitions of our investors by delivering quality exchange traded funds (ETFs) and solutions for their financial needs. iShares has been a leader in the ETF marketplace for more than two decades1 by providing portfolio building blocks for investors large and small. Today, iShares ETFs make it simple for everyone to invest with efficiency and transparency at a fair price.

Driving investor progress starts with engineering quality exchange traded funds (ETF) that perform as designed. It means innovating to stay ahead of market realities and anticipating investors’ needs. We were first to offer ETFs that simplify bond investing and are at the forefront in providing factor ETFs that capture historical drivers of return.2 Our sustainable ETFs deliver environmental, social, and governance (ESG) insights that allow investors to place sustainability at the heart of portfolios. iShares megatrend ETFs help make tomorrow’s growth opportunities available to everyone. Few other ETF providers can demonstrate the same history of innovation.

iShares doesn’t just engineer quality products. We aim to evolve how investors think about portfolio construction and advance the idea that ESG issues influence performance. We offer tools, information, and products so that whatever your goal, we can help.

The power of choice

We believe that investors deserve choice. That’s why iShares ETFs are designed to offer flexible access to a wide array of investments—from stocks, to bonds, to a growing number of other strategies—in a tax-efficient, low-cost way. The global roster of iShares ETFs counts more than 950 products and over $2.6 trillion in assets—more than any other ETF provider.

The breadth of our ETF range makes it convenient to invest for the long term, seek to minimise risk, and match financial goals with personal beliefs. As we continue to grow, we will never stop seeking out ways to help investors on their journeys toward financial well-being.


1 Source: BlackRock, Every Step Counts: The benefits to investors after 50 year of index investing.

2 BlackRock pioneered the first bond ETF in 2002.

3 BlackRock, Global Business Intelligence database as at 31st December 2020. All amounts given in USD.