7 things you might not know about the French election and economy

From suffrage to spacecraft, find out more about France, its economy, politics and more

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Did you know…

  1. France was one of the first European countries to give all men the right to vote. In 1944, it became one of the last to give women the same right.
  2. Francois Hollande is the first incumbent French president in modern history not to seek re-election.
  3. 1 in 4 young people in France are unemployed, over twice as many as in the UK or Germany.
  4. France is the world’s 6th largest export economy– its top exports are planes, helicopters and spacecraft.
  5. More international visitors come to France each year than any other country in the world.
  6. France is the second largest eurozone conomy, contributing 20% of the region’s GDP.
  7. French companies comprise over 35% of the Euro Stoxx 50 index of Europe’s 50 largest companies.

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