How do you know which ETF is the right fit for your investment goals, risk tolerance and investment time horizon? At iShares, we believe that it is important to give you as much information as possible so that you can make the right investment decisions. We also strongly recommend you seek financial advice prior to investing.

For each fund, we publish a product factsheet that provides information on key areas such as how many holdings each ETF has, which index it tracks, how large the fund is and what its total expense ratio is.

What is your investment objective?

Grow wealth over the long term

Grow wealth over the long term

Generate an income

Generate an income

Benfit from short-term market movements

Benfit from short-term market movements

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Time horizon

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Appetite for risk


Navigating similar names

Every ETF is unique. This means that two indices that cover the same market – even with similar-sounding names – can differ greatly from each other. This will have implications for likely future performance.

This is why we urge investors to look at our index and product factsheets before investing money, so they know exactly what they are buying.

The importance of experience

In a fast-growing sector such as ETFs, there are a huge number of fund providers out there. Size, scale, expertise and commitment can vary significantly across the ETF market. These differences can impact performance in several areas.

ETF providers should have extensive experience of managing index investments, proven portfolio management skills and dedicated research teams. Just as important is the ETF provider’s commitment to educating clients over new developments within the sector.

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Find an ETF that tracks an index to reflect your investment strategy

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How much are you willing to pay to track the index you have selected?

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Make sure you know how your ETF is structured


iShares is backed by the resources of BlackRock, one of the world’s largest fund manager.

BlackRock has pioneered index-tracking strategies for over 30 years. This experience makes us well placed to develop index funds and ETFs of a high quality.

iShares offers more than 240 registered ETFs, from broad-based equity and bond funds, through to more specialist areas such as alternative assets and emerging markets.

iShares has a commitment to transparency and letting you ‘know what you own’. When it comes to your investments, we believe that you should have complete visibility. We publish net asset values, costs and performance figures for all of our ETFs online every day. In addition, fund holdings for all of our cash-based ETFs are accessible online every day.