Larry Finks letter to CEOs

BlackRock’s founder discusses the COVID economy, the ongoing shift to sustainable investing, and the importance of inclusive capitalism.

Second annual iShares report on Investors’ progress

How iShares ETFs and index products are enabling millions of first-time millennial investors to plan for their financial futures.

Q4 2021 EMEA Outlook Implementation Guide

Read more on our most recent market views, including implementation ideas.

A sea change in global investing

Discover the four ways climate will impact all investors around the world with our latest article on integrating climate into portfolios with ETFs.

Sustainable investing: Europe in focus

Discover what 400 European portfolio builders told us about sustainable investing and the role of indexing.

Every step counts

Discover the benefits to investors after 50 years of index investing.

What type of sustainable investor are you?

Use our tool to find out which sustainable index methodology best matches your objectives.

Sustainable resilience amid market volatility

As the coronavirus shock continues to roil markets, European-listed ESG ETFs have shown remarkable resilience.

Building defence

Explore how you could weatherproof portfolios amidst unpredictable market volatility.

Dig for resilience: the case for gold and silver

We explore the case for why investors could consider gold and silver.

Countries with sustainable energy policies

Sustainable energy policies are a goal for most countries, but  which ones have made the most progress so far?

Megatrends: Impact of climate change

How is climate change and resource scarcity shaping the future of investing?

Top 10 tech breakthrough predictions

Healthcare dominates Bill Gates' predictions of upcoming tech and science innovations.

Impact of urbanisation

See how rapid urbanisation could alter the investment landscape.

Investing in China

Read our latest China market and Index insights 

Can you foresee the next big tech breakthrough? It’s not easy

In the last 10 years advances in technology have unexpectedly changed our lives in more ways than anyone could have im..

iShares Minimum Volatility ETFs

If you're looking for stocks to help reduce risk in your portfolio, screening for low volatility companies might help you in your quest.

New perspectives on investing

Study exploring the relationship between wealth and well-being in Switzerland

Building an efficient portfolio core

Why we believe it could be time to index up to 50% of your portfolio core.

The 49th World Economic Forum annual meeting

Every January, political, business and society leaders meet in Davos to shape global, regional and industry agendas.

Cyber seniors

How AI is revolutionizing care of the elderly and beyond

1954 to 2050: Shining a light on solar

iShares explores the past present and future of solar through illuminating 7 facts

Earth Day & Sustainable Investing: from why to why not?

If financial markets are focused on return, how can sustainable investing do good for the world?

World’s greenest cities

Which cities have been most successful in the transition towards renewable energy?

Sustainable investing in 80 seconds

Understand the basics of sustainable investing in 80 seconds

Greenwich survey

European institutional investors have adopted ETFs for a diverse range of portfolio applications.

ETP Landscape

Monthly overview of the latest global and regional ETP industry trends.