Every investor is unique.
That's why there's iShares Swiss ETFs.

Product range

iShares continues to expand its Swiss-domiciled product range to meet local investors’ needs. We now have a range of five Equity ETFs providing exposure almost across the entire Swiss equity market: four Fixed Income ETFs that allow investors to capture government and corporate bond exposure and our three Gold ETFs with three currency options.


Swiss equities play an important role in the balanced investment strategies of Swiss institutional and retail investors alike. The iShares range of Swiss equity ETFs now includes the iShares Core SPI® (CH), which is the broadest and most diversified Swiss equity index available; and the iShares Swiss Dividend (CH) which is an innovative solution to access a subset of the SPI® focusing on high and sustainable paying dividend stocks.


FundParent IndexTickerFactsheet
iShares Core SPI® (CH) SPI® CHSPI View
iShares Swiss Dividend (CH) SPI® Select Dividend 20 CHDVD View
iShares SMI® (CH) SMI® CSSMI View
iShares SMIM® (CH) SMIM® CSSMIM View
iShares SLI® (CH) SLI® CSSLI View

Fixed income

iShares offers access to both Swiss corporate bonds and Swiss government bonds.

The iShares Core Corporate Bond (CH) is addressing investors' demands for CHF denominated domestic and international investment grade corporate bonds exposure. High quality corporate credit investments can help investors to capture risk-adjusted yield-pick up over traditional Swiss government bonds.

iShares Swiss government bond ETFs are a relatively conservative investment, offering investors the potential for stable returns with lower risk.


FundParent IndexTickerFactsheet
iShares Core Corporate Bond (CH) SBI® Corporate Total Return CHCORP View
iShares Swiss Domestic Government Bond 1-3 (CH) Swiss Bond Index Domestic Government 1-3 CSBGC3 View
iShares Swiss Domestic Government Bond 3-7 (CH) Swiss Bond Index Domestic Government 3-7 CSBGC7 View
iShares Swiss Domestic Government Bond 7-15 (CH) Swiss Bond Index Domestic Government 7+ CSBGC0 View


Gold ETFs are an opportunity for investors to easily gain access to investing in this precious metal. iShares has three Gold ETFs – iShares Gold (CH), iShares Gold CHF Hedged (CH) and iShares Gold EUR Hedged (CH) – all of which are physically-backed, held in a gold bullion in a deposit in Switzerland. These Funds are among the largest and most liquid Gold ETFs available in Europe.


FundParent IndexTickerFactsheet
iShares Gold (CH) London Gold Fixing PM CSGOLD View
iShares Gold CHF Hedged (CH) London Gold Fixing PM (Hedged into CHF) CSGLDC View
iShares Gold EUR Hedged (CH) London Gold Fixing PM (Hedged into EUR) CSGLDE View