Sustainable investing with iShares

iShares sustainable ETFs

More and more investors – from major global institutions to individual investors – are looking to achieve their financial goals and obligations in a way that is aware of more than just the traditional financial metrics.

With the growth of new data, levels of corporate transparency, and social expectations, iShares has produced a range of ETFs that can help to put your money to work with an explicit understanding of its broader impact on the world.

Access an investment style that brings together a building block approach with an environmental, social and governance focus.


Our product range

This iShares product range allows investors to marry two goals: purpose and performance, through sustainable investing. The range includes products with exclusionary screens and best-in-class Environmental, Social and Governance (‘ESG’) factors.


Start investing sustainably today

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Avoid exposures to specified business activities, such as controversial weapons, while maximising ESG exposure across broad or narrow investment themes.

Avoid exposures to specific business activities, such as alcohol, gambling or tobacco.

Why BlackRock Impact?

BlackRock Impact brings together the best of BlackRock - the fiduciary responsibility, world-class analytics, deep global connections, and a history of investment and risk focus – with the aim of making sustainable investing clearer and more accessible.

BlackRock Impact, together with iShares, brings you ETFs that seek to embed sustainability-focused methodologies into portfolio construction.

  • Increasing transparency

Explicit methodologies that address how ESG characteristics form part of the fund construction methodology.

  • Making it measurable

Introducing new metrics that compare the differences in ESG features (including greenhouse gas measures) across funds

  • Aligning with goals

Helping investors match opportunities to their obligations and goals – both financial and social.

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