Broad exposure and deep access to Europe’s investment opportunities

iShares offers the most extensive choice of equity ETFs, including both broad and individual country exposures. The range also allows investors to express their views across sectors, style (growth versus value), currency hedging and alternative exposures that are designed to mitigate volatility.


Provides direct access to broad European equities


  • Enables investors to express specific single country views
  • Building blocks for portfolio asset allocation

    Seeks to provide investors with exposure to European equities while mitigating the ups and downs of ongoing currency volatility


    Enables investors to express specific views on certain industries in the context of the wider economic cycle


    Provides targeted exposure to high-dividend-yielding European companies


    Aims to deliver targeted outcomes that can help investors reduce risk, generate income or potentially enhance returns from European equities.

    Why invest in European equities?

    While the outlook for Europe remains somewhat uncertain, a lower rate environment and central bank easing bias are potentially helpful factors for equity markets, and investment opportunities may exist across the continent.

    Why iShares for European equities?

    Risk Management
    Managing risk

    iShares launched its first ETF in Europe in 2000, providing over 15 years’ experience and a strong track record. Their management is backed by the expertise of 100 investment teams across 27 countries.

    Whether your intention is to implement your investment views on Europe through a broad, single country, sector, high income or smart beta exposure, iShares can provide a solution through its range of over 40 European equities ETFs.

    Benefits of iShares European equities ETFs

    • As index investment funds, ETFs are cost effective investment vehicles. ETFs are usually cheaper to trade when compared to the purchase and sale of individual equity securities.

    • With ETFs, investors have daily visibility as to what securities the fund holds, how it’s performing and associated costs.

    • ETFs enable investors to gain a broad market exposure in a single investment, or create highly customised solutions by targeting specific countries, sectors, types of company and factors.

    • ETFs are traded on stock exchanges, so investors can easily make or add to an investment, or sell their investment.