What is an ETF?

‘Exchange Traded Funds’ are an easy way to invest

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ETFs are investment funds that aim to track the performance of a specific index, such as the Swiss Market Index (SMI).

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An index represents the total return of a particular group of securities – often shares or bonds.

How do they do that?

A group of securities are effectively collected in a basket with the amount of each security in the fund weighted by size to precisely replicate a particular index. An ETF is bought and sold on a stock exchange, like a share.

What are ETFs



ETFs provide exposures to suit both your core portfolio and tactical investing


ETFs often have lower management fees than active funds and the costs are simpler to calculate


ETFs offer a single source of instant exposure to returns from diverse securities


ETFs show every security currently in the fund so you know exactly what you own


ETFs are listed on exchanges and can be traded at any time during market hours


ETFs allow instant access to international markets

The variety of available ETFs mean that you could


What are ETFs Icon What are ETFs Icon What are ETFs Icon What are ETFs Icon
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