Why choose the iShares 529 Plan?

The iShares 529 Plan raises the bar on education savings plans by offering the flexibility, low cost, diversification and transparency you've come to expect from a world leader in Exchange Traded Funds.1

The iShares 529 Plan is a flexible, tax-advantaged way to save for college using portfolios that invest in low-cost, diversified iShares® ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). You can also leverage the iShares 529 Plan for smart tax, gifting and estate planning advantages.


You're in control. You can get as involved in asset allocation decisions as you wish. The wide range of portfolio options let you design an investment strategy that best fits your college savings goals. Choose from individual portfolios focused on year-of-enrollment or specific asset classes, or build custom portfolios to meet your needs.

Of course, some of your needs may change down the road. Not a problem. You may make changes to your overall asset allocation once per calendar year. What's more, the allocation of future contributions can be changed at any time. In addition, the Account Owner controls the Plan assets for the life of the account, and can direct a change in beneficiary as often as is deemed necessary.


The iShares 529 Plan features portfolios that invest in low-cost iShares® ETFs.


Manage risk with diversified exposure to a specific asset class or sector.


You will know exactly what investments you own in your 529 plan - and how much you are paying in management fees.

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