The rising cost of college

Over the last 10 academic years, the average total cost of college (including tuition, fees, and room and board) has risen more than twice as much as the consumer price index has risen during that span.1

To meet the rising cost of college, more and more students are taking on student loan debt. Federal student debt alone is now close to $1.3 trillion dollars.2 In 2015, 68% of college seniors graduated with student loans. The average student debt balance is over $30,000.3

How the iShares 529 Plan can help

An iShares 529 Plan offers tax advantages that make it possible to grow your college savings at a faster rate than a taxable investment - as long as you use your savings for qualified higher education expenses. As defined by the Internal Revenue Code, withdrawals from a 529 account are tax-free when they are used to pay for tuition, room and board (with certain limitations), required books, required supplies, required equipment, mandatory fees and special needs services at an Eligible Educational Institution.